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We are connected

Bring together the best of the internet by connecting all your social media in one place. Create a place where you have total control over what you see and share with your friends on the internet.

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How it works

Paperfeed is really simple to use. Within three easy steps you are ready to enjoy updates from your friends and interests spread across many different social media platforms, all within one interface.

1. Create

Create a Paperfeed account to start. You can also try out Paperfeed first without fully creating an account.

2. Connect

Connect the social channels you already use or connect with interests you want to follow.

3. Follow

Follow and keep track of updates from your friends and interests within one application.


Simply connect with all of your interests

Paperfeed is a way to connect with the people and topics you care about the most. Read, post and interact with stories in an environment where you have total control over what you want to see.

No more fumbling with multiple browser tabs

Create personalized feeds by adding channels you use to stay in touch with the world. Involve your friends by connecting your social platforms with your Paperfeed Profile to personalize your place even more.


Never miss anything again

Use Paperfeed on the go with our mobile optimized website. Just use Paperfeed on your mobile phone like how you would use it on your desktop.

Do you prefer to use a mobile app? Don't worry! A mobile app for Android and iOS will be available soon!

Merge the online channels you use with Paperfeed

Create a place where you can easily manage your identity and can keep track of the things you share with the world. Decide who and how people can find you on the internet.


What to expect in the future

Paperfeed is a constanly evolving brand with a big eye for the future. Discover what we have planned to make your experience of using Paperfeed even better than before.

Paperfeed API

Create your own applications using our API. Personalize Paperfeed in a way you imagine.

Paperfeed Login

Connect to online media with Paperfeed Login. Never remember many different passwords again.

Two Factor Authentication

Secure your account with an extra layer of protection that requires authentication on your phone.

Cross platform chat

Directly message your contacts in Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype and more without leaving the Paperfeed interface.